I'm Liz,

creator & editor for the digital magazine, Millennial Cowgirl.

hey there!

Are you ready to flip through the pages of the latest show pen fashion trends?

Our monthly magazine was created in 2019, with the mission to bring to our readers the latest in horse show fashion.

The foundation of Millennial Cowgirl came easy, but it has evolved over the last two years to where it is today. Our pages are immersed in horse show fashion, allowing our readers to know what trend is coming next. Millennial Cowgirl places the fashion in context of who leads and inspires us. Thought-provoking, relevant & always influential, we define the culture of horse show fashion.

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Howdy, I'm Liz, a small town Ohio girl with big dreams.

Millennial, Creator, equestrian, & caffeine addict.

I've always had an obsession with wanting to be my own boss, being a business woman was always in my heart. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, tacos & margs, riding my horses, and running my own empire talking about the glitzy show clothes we get to wear. It will be the best dream come true when we are running full time with Millennial Cowgirl, working from a sunny home office one day.

You'll always catch me at horse shows with a Monster in hand, admiring all the riders and their attire in the ring. Come say hi!

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