Hi, I'm Liz & I am an aspiring grown-up. 

At 27 years old you would expect me to be a full fledged adult by now, but little do you know I still adore Harry Potter and probably nap too much. 

You'll catch me eating tacos on the daily & swigging down Monster's like it's going out of style. My daily caffeine intake would make any of you question my sanity, so we will move on.

Horse's were my saving grace growing up. Having been through a lot as a child, they were the shoulder to cry on and a nose to kiss when I needed a friend.

Falling in love with the equine industry was a blessing. It has allowed me to pursue my passion and created this thing I call Millennial Cowgirl.

about me

I think we've outgrown full-time education...time to test our talents in the real world, d'you reckon?"

-Fred Weasley



The passion itself. Without horses, we wouldn't be here today. The American Quarter Horse will always have my heart, but Millennial Cowgirl focuses on all stock horse breeds.


I have always loved drawing, writing, and just creating. I love taking ideas and forming them into something creative. Let's work together!


We LOVE fashion. Looking at all the adorned horsemanship jackets, showmanship suits, and the pleasure outfits is all a girl needs in life. We are so excited to be sharing the latest in horse show fashion.

Wanna be a Cover Model?

Did Someone Say Show Team?

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Our Goal

Millennial Cowgirl is a monthly digital magazine to illustrate the women in our industry along with divulging in the high-end fashion in horse show clothing.