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hi, I'm Liz

I've been enchanted with this industry since I was a little girl and took my first ride through the entry gate. I was so fascinated by the show clothes and my first trip to the All American Quarter Horse Congress was like love at first sight. Since that day, I have always had a huge obsession with the fashion that graces our show pen & now I'm on a mission to bring that to the forefront of our industry.

Glamour never takes a day off.

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Alexis Wrobbel,
Iron W Ranch

This magazine is fantastic! The attention to detail and time spent is evident in the content month after month. I highly recommend working with Liz. She is very responsive and always makes sure your story is told the way you want it to be.


Kayla Ison, 
Brazen Mare

Millennial Cowgirl celebrates the heritage of the wild western woman, all while creating something fresh and relatable. Working with Liz and the MC entourage made me feel like I found my people. This group of girls is all about inclusivity, passion, and enjoying the ride!


Michelle Trimble-Ceschan,
Hold It! Magnetic Numbers

I have enjoyed advertising in Millennial Cowgirl.

Although there may be several options available, I love the fact that it's targeted at women entrepreneurs, by a woman entrepreneur. I have found many other talented individuals that are similar in size & scope to myself, and able to build a community around that. I am proud to have my brand advertised, as well as recently featured.

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