Good Machinery- Backes Quarter Horses

Good Machinery with owner, Jane Backes.

Down in the good ol’ state of Texas you’ll find yourself come face to face with no other than MJ himself!

I know, I got you!

Good Machinery, a 2009 AQHA stallion, resides in Tioga with his manager Kim Dean where he gets to enjoy living life as a cookie monster, and doing his job as a stud.

Jane Backes, who bred and raised MJ, says she had never planned to own or stand a stallion. She bred his dam to the stallion A Good Machine after carefully analyzing their conformation and pedigrees. MJ came out textbook perfect.

With all things horses, there is always risk, so Jane never plans ahead to have a two year old that’s ready to go, and because they all mature differently and should never be pushed. MJ, however, took easily to training and was big, sound, and sane.

Since the training was going so well they took MJ to the AQHA World’s and showed him in the Open 2 Year Old’s where he placed 12th. Continuing his show career, they took him to Scottsdale for the Sun Circuit and won the Open 2 Year Old’s there. As a three year old, he finished his Superior and started showing in Performance Halter. MJ finished three years in a row as the Top Ten AQHA Honor Roll Performance Halter Stallion, and one year received the Western Pleasure Top Ten Stallion recognition. As a four year old, Tate Oakley took him to the NSBA (National Snaffle Bit Association) World Show where he won the BCF (Breeders Championship Futurity) Maturity.

Jane believes in the all-around Quarter Horse, and not the specializing in just one event, so they decided to finish MJ’s AQHA Championship. He moved to Will Knabenshue where he went on to get Trail and Ranch Riding points to finish the title. MJ’s record of AQHA Champion, 3x Top Ten AQHA Honor Roll, Superior Pleasure Stallion, and NSBA BCF Maturity Champions is not equaled with any other stallion standing today.

The magic is in the mare. -Jane Backes

Jane’s passion has always been with the mares. She coined the phrase ‘the magic is in the mare’. When MJ kept maturing and everything was just so natural for him, she knew she had to promote him to give the breed what she’s been breeding for nearly 45 years- wonderful confirmation, strong pedigree, natural slow movement with the bone and muscle so many seem to be lacking these days.

MJ seems to be passing on more than just his even-tempered demeanor. Jane says the babies all have slow legs, great cadenced trots, pretty heads, and tons of bone and muscle. Right now she is keeping watch on 3-two year olds. One is with Cleve Wells, one with Aaron Moses, and the other with Farley McLendon.

The cut throat competition has been one the hardest struggles for the team, and Jane hopes people come to realize not every stud crosses on every mare. She, herself, will breed to outside stallions if she doesn’t think MJ is the best cross.

Cleve with MJ.

And even though there is struggle, Jane enjoys reminiscing on Tate and MJ winning the NSBA Maturity, Cleve winning the Open Two’s in Scottsdale (Jane still has the saddle at her home in Dallas), and Will calling her to say that her horse is now an AQHA Champ! Their future plans are to keep doing what they’re doing, and siring great user friendly foals.

You can find MJ here. And here.

Or you can call Kim Dean, his manager, at 903.815-3347.

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