Opening the Gate

We are about to knock the cobwebs off the gates that have been closed for months, are you ready to ride?

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus leading us into a Global Pandemic, our industry has been on a tough ride. Many states are implementing reopening phases, so what does that mean for us? While horse shows are still questionable due to the number of people that gather in a single place, we wanted to give you ideas to get our industry flowing again by supporting equine small businesses.

  • Needing new tack?

Instead of supporting the big retailers, support the small businesses that travel to shows to try and help support your needs come show day. This includes saddles, saddle pads, your headstall, and your show halter!


CP Custom Saddles

Kathy's Show Equipment

Andrea Equine

  • Needing your tack cleaned?

Find the local tack cleaner to get yours squared away. Chances are they do their work as a side-hustle and could use the extra support during this trying time. We have had an extended off season, which leaves no reason to not have that shine when entering the show pen when the season begins again.


Roosa Tack Restoration

  • Need an ad?

Go support that graphic designer that loves our industry as much as we do. We are all ready to celebrate when show season begins and with the majority of the World Shows open to any exhibitor, be sure you are ready with an ad to showcase your hard work to the world.

This also is good for you stallion owners, farm owners, and other equine businesses. Get seen by others in our niche to attract some more customers.


Kathy Speck Designs

Jakovich Marketing

  • Don't have the pictures for your ad?

Perfect, hire your favorite equine photographer to catch you and your horses best light.


Kirstie Marie Photography

  • New clothes?

This is an easy one! Find your favorite seamstress and give them a project! Again, with the opportunity to show at a World Show this year, get those custom clothes going and support a seamstress to look your absolute best in the pen.


Signature Styles by Ashley

Lionized Designs

Show Chic Boutique

Carroll's Creations

Show Pony Boutique

Lux Looks

  • Has the social distancing limited your time in the saddle?

Try to get video of your rides. There a lot of top trainers in our industry willing to critique your riding right now. It is also a great way to learn a different perspective and gives you a better understanding of what you could be doing to make those rides better.

Perhaps you are just home itching to do some shopping. We recommend checking out privately owned boutiques. Here is a list of our favorites:

Shea's Western Lane

CherryCoke River Boutique

The Turquiose Leopard

When it all comes down to it, we will get stronger together. Support your other exhibitors, team mates, and barn family. Support your show staff now & when you get back into the arena. Support your equine businesses that help you and your partner really become the winning team. #wearehorsewomen.


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