Show Pony Boutique - 'The only thing broke should be the horse'

We all know the costs of showing, especially at the high level. Charlotte Alexandra Phelix, owner of the Show Pony Boutique, knows just this dilemma.

Born and raised in VA, Charlotte had an obsession with horses all her life, though oddly enough, the rest of her family had none! She knew from a very small child that horses were going to be in her life. Raised by her grandparents, they gave her a fabulous life on a farm where she couldn’t ask for anything better. At 7 years old, she received her first horse, Sammy, a grey welsh-pony cross. Her passion for the stock horse came when she met a local AQHA trainer named Veronica. She taught Charlotte everything and if it wasn’t for her, Charlotte claims she wouldn’t be where she is today.

Success wasn't just given to Charlotte. Hard word and determination has shaped the projection of her business. Starting out cleaning stalls, paddocks, grooming, cleaning, feeding and eventually being promoted to riding and starting futurity horses. Having growing up in the horse show scene, she knew how much money it took to play in this game, and even has a small child she realized that there has to be a way that more people could afford this lifestyle.

Horse showing is an amazing experience. You gain so much from it. You learn to win, learn to lose, make new friends, learn responsibility, to dream, be passionate and be goal oriented. All things that help so much in day to day life. -Charlotte Alexandra Phelix

That is what inspired Charlotte to create her own company. There are so many working class folks who can’t just drop thousands on an outfit and equipment. She created this for them, and even herself, because she can relate. She believes that everyone has a budget to follow and she just wants to help more people get into the sport and follow their dreams.

Charlotte named her company after a nickname they have for show horses, Show Ponys. She thought it was cute, friendly, and approachable. And I have to agree! Starting out she would bounce ideas off of Veronica since she had been in the industry a long time and they both agreed on what the industry needs.

I'm not here to get rich. I'm here to help that horse crazy little girl whose dream it is to show at her first show on a horse she loves and has blood, sweat, and many tears in, looking amazing and her parent's not break their bank account. -Charlotte Alexandra Phelix

Running her business is not exactly what she had imagined it would be, but she isn’t surprised. It’s a 24 hour a day with no days off kind of lifestyle now. They face many challenges like hatred of their success, idea and design theft, and tons of competition. However, Charlotte tries to stand alone with their customer service, product target market, and her can-do attitude. Her day to day is a bit crazy, you know with having a one year old daughter to care for on top of it all! Her daughter keeps her super busy with having to chase her around while answering client messages online, working on designs, putting the clothing together, and taking care of everything else - the home, dogs, and horses! It sure is a whirlwind, but Charlotte says she wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Show Pony Boutique has many bright moments as their clothing and equipment are used in some of the most prestigious shows in the country. Charlotte shared that the most memorable moment so far as been when an outfit they created was worn at the Congress by Kathie Kennedy when she showed the Reserve Champion Yearling Lungeline and top selling yearling filly by How Bout This Cowboy. Charlotte was honored that Kathie chose an outfit from Show Pony Boutique.

Charlotte pictured with husband, and their one year old daughter.

If you ask Charlotte what her favorite product is she says its just a toss up! They love all their products because they’re everything they stand behind 110%. Their future is bright with constant growth, changes, and evolving. New items will be available in the future and they are hoping to get back into their mobile unit once their daughter is a little older. Charlotte says they’re there to stay awhile. They’ve overcome so much like going broke multiple times and always coming back from it. Show Pony Boutique will always do whatever they can for their customers.

Charlotte is so proud of how much they’ve grown, and are just humbled and blessed with great customers that have turned into great friends. They are hoping for many more new friends to come in the future.

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