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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own stallion? What about two? Today we get the inside scoop of what it takes to own not one, but two, great stallions. Brenna Weaver and her mother Lydia have accepted this challenge.

In the mountains of northern Georgia, you’ll find a small town called McCaysville. This is home to Superlative Performance Horses, LLC. Brenna & Lydia co-own the boys, Make Me Shine and Chocolate Never Lies. Brenna does all the managing- social media, ad design, videos, and even connecting with clients about breeding and shipping.

Make Me Shine, 1999 Chestnut Overo APHA Stallion

Most recent win photo.

Make Me Shine, otherwise known around the barn as Floyd, is a 1999 chestnut overo APHA stallion whom some of you may have heard about before. His sire, Paint Me Zippo, is a leading sire himself, and Floyd’s dam, She’s Alittle Shiny, is a Reserve World Champion and multiple World Champion Producer. Floyd has had one of the most illustrious careers of any APHA stallion on the current market. In his three year old year, he swept the pen in Junior Western Pleasure, Amateur Junior Western Pleasure, AND the 3 year old Western Pleasure Challenge at the APHA World Show. There were anywhere from 58-89 entries in each class, respectively. Later that year he went on to win at the prestigious Reichert Celebration in the NSBA Open Color Breed Western Pleasure, and was Reichert Celebration Reserve Champion in the NSBA Three Year Old Non-Pro Western Pleasure. Floyd was also APHA Honor Roll Champion and earned over $19,000. Past owner, Millie Corder, brought Floyd back when he was thirteen years old to wins at the Pinto World Show and the Color Breed Congress. Brenna & her mother bought Floyd last August, and after some consideration they decided to put him back in light training to fit him up for breeding season. He absolutely loves being a show horse, and having a job. Plus, he’s sounder than more Junior horses, so they’ve decided that now, at the ripe age of twenty, they’re bringing him back for a younger generation to get to experience and enjoy seeing him show.

They knew Floyd was already a great sire, but because his past ownerships weren’t so much into breeding as they were showing and enjoying him, he only had a handful of foals go to show. The best part, all the foals have accumulated multiple World and Reserve World Champion titles, Top 5’s, Superiors, ROM’s, and an excess of 2,400 APHA Performance Points. They bought Floyd with the intention of building a legacy for him, to increase the number of babies he has in the pen, and produce some excellent prospects out of their own breeding program.

Cisco, or Chocolate Never Lies, is their Junior stud, a 2015 sorrel tovero by APHA Reserve World Champion sire, I Prefer Chocolate (by Hall of Fame sire, Zips Chocolate Chip and out of Reserve World Champion, My Oh My), and out of the mare named Good Little Lies. Good Little Lies is by multiple World Champion sire, Goodfridaysdelight and out of 11x World/Reserve World Champion producer, Little White Lies. Brenna and Lydia bred and raised Cisco themselves.


The family has been tightly involved with the horses in Cisco’s maternal line for a long time. Lydia first laid eyes on Cisco’s grandsire, Goodfridaysdelight, as a three year old at Robin Chance Show Horses, once in Alpharetta, GA, but since relocated to Pilot, TX, where both boys are currently in training. Robin, herself, is a multiple World & National Champion trainer and breeder with more than 30 years experience developing horses from prospects into exceptional and accomplished athletes. Goodfridaysdelight was unlike anything Lydia had ever seen- the way he floated over the ground was so different, and so much more modern than anything in the pen at the time. Friday, as everyone called him, would go on to sire multiple World Champions, on of which was Robin’s very first World Champion, a loud overo gelding named Goodand Time, whose barn name was Bosco. His dam is Little White Lies, who has produced more than 5,400 APHA Performance Points and ELEVEN World/Res World Champion titles. She’s probably most notably the dam of Twenty Four.

Little White Lies

Bosco’s full sister was born the year Robin won the Junior Trail with him. Lydia had the opportunity to buy her, and named her Good Little Lies. Cisco’s maternal side is so strong, so there was no question that he has what it takes genetically to produce sensational show horses, and phenotypically, he’s everything you want in a breeding horse, too. Cisco is ridiculously strong, superb- legged, and Brenna has never met a stallion with a better demeanor (and she works with a lot of stallions). They knew when he hit the ground in 2015 that they had something special, and he just keeps exceeding their expectations. They are just so thrilled because Cisco’s foals represent four generations of their involvement with this pedigree- Lydia was Robin’s very first student, Bosco was Robin’s first World Champion (that she also bred and raised, too!), she bred Cisco’s mother, and now Robin is riding Cisco. It’s just the coolest thing. It’s almost like they’ve came full circle to present a the Paint horse industry a stallion that incorporates all the wonderful traits that the breed is needing. Robin has done a phenomenal job with Cisco and they’re really excited to get him in the pen.

But in meeting the stallions, you will find that Cisco enjoys being a ham! He literally is the biggest sweetheart in the world, and loves getting butt scratchins while giving you the puppy eyes.. Cisco is also barefoot! Who would have figured a show horse that had no shoes? Floyd on the other hand handles himself very professionally. He absolutely knows when to put his game face on and go to work. He also has something about him that when you start watching him work, you won’t want to stop. Floyd is just the total package, and he definitely knows he’s something special. He won’t let you forget it.

Having bought Floyd last August, Brenna and her mother don’t have any of their own foals by Floyd yet, but they’re very excited about the mares they have bred for next year. Cisco has two babies on the ground, both yearlings. Brenna says she honestly can’t pick a favorite! They are both equally bred to be what they were meant for. Cisco for sure has already out produced himself, which is exactly what you want from a sire. Both yearlings are exemplary from a conformation standpoint- strong toplines, full hips, beautiful necks and legs that are just as good or even better than Cisco’s! If they are any indication of what’s coming, then Cisco’s going to be a real force in the industry!

Floyd absolutely passes his movement on. They have deep hocks, and they travel light in the front end just like he does. They’re typically very conformationally correct, too. Cisco has so far improved both mares they bred him to drastically. The babies are prettier-headed than the mares, shorter backed with good bone, and they move like nobody’s business. Brenna doesn’t know another Paint stallion that is putting this kind of caliber movement on his foals, and they’re so excited to get these fillies in the pen.

Brenna honestly loves standing both stallions. She loves how excited the are owners are and talking horses with everyone. They have such a good group of customers this year that she can’t wait to see what everyone gets next year! They’ve had tremendous support for what they’re doing with their marketing to make sure people know who the boys are, and they are appreciative of all the positivity that they have gotten from the Floyd Fans and Team CNL. But honestly, their favorite is the reactions from people talking about Floyd, and his legend. Their plan is to give people access to him, to meet him, and interact with him. Us horse people get very excited over great horses, and this boy is one of the all-time greats! Cisco though, holds the hearts of everyone in the barn. Everyone that meets him just melts, and falls in love- and with those legs, its hard to not just love him even more!

The future is surely really bright for these boys, and for Superlative Performance Horses, LLC. They have lots of things planned, and they always let their horses tell them what they’re ready and able to do. They’re hoping to get Cisco’s babies in the pen this year in the longe line, and get these great mares bred to Floyd for some amazing 2020 foals! They plan on showing both stallions this year as well, so they will be busy busy!

Additionally, both stallions are 5-panel N/N, and they do not carry the Lethal White (a huge bonus for those of you with Frame Over mares), and Floyd carries W20.

You can find them here- Website- Floyd: Website- Cisco : IG-Floyd : IG- Cisco : Facebook- Floyd : Facebook- Cisco

Make Me Shine Stud Fee: $1250

Chocolate Never Lies Stud Fee: $1000 (1st shipment included)

World and Reserve World Champions and producers breed to CNL for FREE or to MMS for 1/2 price!

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