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Kate Mitchell

Millennial Cowgirl is a favorite in this household! It's great having up-to-date articles/ads geared to the modern horsewoman! My young daughters are new to the show pen and love seeing what's going on in the horse world, and getting whatever tips they can!

Also, the clothing line is top notch! We love our RBT T-Shirts and hoodies & can't wait to start our collection of shirts from the Ride America Collection!


Beth Roosa

I have purchased quite the handful of shirts and sweaters from Millennial Cowgirl! They have all been super fantastic quality!

I had one arrive with a small hole in it and MC promptly replaced it!

I can't wait to buy anything new she puts out!

Buffy Roberts

Absolutely love these stickers!

The prices are good and reasonable.

Can't wait to order more!

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