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We are starting our own Show Team here at Millennial Cowgirl. For our first year, we will be taking submissions the remainder of the year and selecting teammates as we feel will best represent Millennial Cowgirl. After this first year, the beginning of the new year will begin the search of looking for new members to join our team.

Our team will officially start with the new show season of 2021.

Millennial Cowgirl is prided on being very unique and a one-of-a-kind brand, especially in the equine world. We value the women & youth that make up the stock horse industry.  We have been blessed and very fortunate to have grown so quickly and continue to do so. As a company, we are looking at the best possible ways to help make an impact in the industry and create positive experiences that will last a lifetime. This is why we are always building our brand and creating ways to show our love for our horses.

Our Show Team Program will go through changes as we try to figure out the best way to make the program succeed with what works and what doesn't work.

As a team member our biggest expectation of you is to represent Millennial Cowgirl the best you can. We believe that adoration, loyalty, and longevity within in the sport is the most important to keep our passion alive- and that is what we want you to share with the world. However you do it, whether you are a social media savvy, or do best working with people 1-on-1, or however works for you, spread our message of community & empowerment.


Adoration for your horse who is a partner in your dedicatication to ride better today. Loyalty to the sport itself. And of course, the longevity in the sport to keep making your stamp in the arena dirt. These all play a very important role in our mission to being successful horsewomen and making a difference to the industry we love. 

Incentives for being a team member include Millennial Cowgirl merchandise at a discount, free ad spaces, discount codes for friends for their merchandise, and of course a percentage of show fees paid (we are still determining how this portion of our team will work, so please bare with us). You will help us grow by representing. Little effort comes little reward. 

All women can apply. If you are under the age of 18 parental consent is a must. Let us know what you can bring to the table. Do you travel to shows often? Are you a DIY Amateur? Finally living the dream of showing horses? Tell us why we should choose you as you keep in mind all the applications that come in. Set yourself apart by including pictures, a well thought out bio, and your social media accounts.

Apply If:

  • You're an avid stock horse enthusiast

  • Love improving both yourself as a rider and your horse - following our apparel line, Ride Better Today

  • You participate in any local, breed, or national level show with your stock horse(s)

  • You are willing to represent Millennial Cowgirl with the above mentioned expectations

  • You are ready to join a tribe of other horsewomen in the same industry

Don't Apply If:

  • You're currently sponsored by another company who pays for your show fees

  • If you are not consistently able to represent Millennial Cowgirl in the best light (this will automatically eliminate you if your social media is not clean). Any effort you put into joining the team should be the same amount once on the team. Any teammates who do not uphold the standard of representation will be given one warning before being eliminated for no improvement

  • Have previously been terminated from the Show Team. No exceptions. 

This is a yearly application. If you have previously made the team, you will need to reapply the following year. It is competitive and only the best will be accepted. For our first year, we are only accepting 3 teammates and will select them as we find the perfect fit.

To apply for the Show Team, please follow these instructions:

  1. Include several pictures

  2. An About You Bio (no longer than 500 words)

  3. A short description of how you would represent Millennial Cowgirl

  4. All social media account links (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, etc)

  5. Age and location